Danisinni Community

leggi in italiano

discovers a storytelling space on line to overlook the world, in order to share and embrace life experiences, tales and stories of other communities. A community space which likes to show the various aspects of the historical Neighborhood of Palermo.

Saint Agnese parish, the only social device there, in the last years has been engaged about territory needs together with Centro Tau, a pedagogical and educational focal point and slowly has welcome many situations showing interest to Danisinni in order to create a true social laboratory, a projects and visions incubator, with the purpose to create an urban rebirthing process in which the first place is given to human being and consequently, to the environment where they live.

At first glance Danisinni describes, immediately, its identity through sounds and colours, dialectal cadences and daily customs around the square. It shows in this way the features of a Sicilian mood by now rare, but very precious.
Passion and fight, among many privations, in order to take care of personal and familiar dignity, proximity bonds and values, that still now, sustain the Danisinni small universe.

The access in this website, therefore, is proposed, as a trip into the past and present history to know and discover beauty fragments. Unknown paths 2° that local Community is testing to face the social marginality and express potentiality and beauty.
The first symbolic sign of the current itinerary, in 2014, has been to stand out Papireto water in Danisinni square, with the purpose to create a biologic pond and plant papyrus on the watersides. A way to express the need to overtake the appearances and social prejudices and discover the skills, which, otherwise, people and environment could cover up.

Despite that biologic pond has been created close to the primary school old location, not working for ten years, the sign would mean the wish to appropriate about an identity, not considered for too many years. Water metaphor has inspired the logo of this process that is the “drop” with the “smile”. It is an expression of the human and environmental resource typical of the place.

The water, together with the children vitality, describes well the processes mixture in which the environmental and pedagogical interventions fuse together to promote beauty and give back expressive literacy to Danisinni Community.
The Neighborhood welcome the Town and, overlooking it, gives to Palermo a landscape and acoustic oasis in which to stop in order to strengthen oneself and find roots and flavours of a Sicilian mood that is genuine and still now able to generate new development life.